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Are the most transformative feature on every person. Properly groomed eyebrows hold more power and visual impact on one’s overall appearance, than any other singular feature.

  • HANDCRAFTED BROWS – We will work with your existing shape and find your ideal brow potential by using hard wax, hand trimming and tweezing to create your perfect custom eyebrow.
  • BROW REHAB – Natural Brow Rehab is a 5 visit, all-inclusive program to hone and grow one’s own natural eyebrows. Includes, but is not limited to, handcrafted brow and shape, brow pencil, tinting, brow growth support and education of care to achieve captivating brows!
  • MICROBLADING HAIR STROKE EYEBROW TATTOO – Our process for eyebrow tattooing is a solution for those in need of eyebrow hair due to medical reasons or for those who would like the appearance of fuller, more shapely eyebrows. Each stroke done one by one, is strategically placed and carefully etched into the skin, by depositing pigment to create a realistic eyebrow hair. Read More ►
  • PERMANENT MAKEUP REMOVAL FOR BROWS – Removal of permanent makeup is possible. We enable two techniques to rid unwanted color over several visits. Individual consultation is required.


Your appointment for an in-depth consultation covering your natural facial structure, eyebrow growth pattern and your desired shape.

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