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For eyebrow tattooing is a solution for those in need of eyebrow hair due to medical reasons or for those who would like the appearance of fuller, more shapely eyebrows. Each stroke done one by one, is strategically placed and carefully etched into the skin, by depositing pigment to create a realistic eyebrow hair.

Our process is unlike others who are offering microblading tattoo services. Microblading involves a building process, which is ultimately achieved in 2-3 visits. On the first visit, we start with an in-depth consultation, this enables us to see how your face moves muscularly, as well as your bone structure, and how you express emotion. Additionally, we spend time getting to know you, to understand your personality, so it can be reflected in your brows. After the consultation, we start by finding your correct brow shape, clean up brows if necessary or if possible, take before and after photos, and we use multiple customized blade techniques and colors to achieve a 3-6D/HD brow for the ultimate definition. Also included is a home-care kit with written and verbal post care instructions.


We only use top of the line disposable blades and paramedical grade pigments. Microblading is a very individual specific procedure.

We understand there may be nervousness, as well as the desire for opinions of friends and family in creating the shape that is to be tattooed for you. Once the procedure begins, only the recipient and the provider are allowed to be in the treatment room. The process will run approximately two hours. Please make appropriate arrangements for any friends or family that attend your consultation to exit and return, if desired, upon completion of your appointment.

Tattooing your face is not a decision we believe should be taken lightly. We are here to provide you with the most natural looking brows possible. If you desire a shape or brows we do not believe is right for your face, brow structure or lifestyle, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment.

ADDITIONAL Microblading

Information about pre care can be found by clicking here. Post care can by found by clicking here.

ATTENTION Groupon Purchasers

The Groupon promotion is for the consultation, brow shape and first procedure. Subsequent procedures are subject to a minimum fee of $150.

Groupon or skinDefined In Office or Online PROMOTION

For microblading is for individuals who have not had any eyebrow tattooing. If you have or have had eyebrow tattooing prior to our procedure, additional fees will apply.


Notice must be received to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment. Any cancellation and/or reschedule request made less than 24 hours in advance is subject to a fee equaling one half (50%) of the scheduled service. This applies to all Groupon customers and their promotional vouchers as well as any other in office or online promotions offered by skinDefined.


Are subject to incur a fee up to the full value of the scheduled service. A credit card will be required to reserve any rescheduled appointment.


Is to provide an exceptional service for a phenomenal, promotional price. While Groupon encourages tipping, we want to publicly express our gratitude for each client and their generosity in gratuity.

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