Clinical Skin Care



ECHO2Plus™ Oxygen Treatment System

Is uniquely designed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize every skin cell through its revolutionary use of the pure oxygen molecule. This patented system is among the first to offer both corrective and preventative skin care, while reducing the effects of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage and exposure to pollutants. This system uses 87 different combinations of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and most importantly – pure oxygen gas.

ECHO Method

Is Exfoliation, Cleansing, Hydration and Oxygenation. The pure oxygen molecule, in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, is propelled deep into the skin, pore by pore to the skin cells. Oxygen is an excellent nutrient for collagen and elastin. The body uses its own oxygen supply and other nutrients to increase the strength of the collagen and elastin fibers. The result is an increase in the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. This non-invasive treatment leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated and beautiful.

It brings a glow that shows a well-rested better you! There will be phenomenal results when this is done in conjunction with the physical exfoliation process. Results will last up to 10 days without specific skin care products. If you are using prescribed products, the results can last up to 30 days.

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