For allowing us to share our approach and our passion with you. Whether it was your first visit with us or you have been a longtime client, your visits are a continued investment in your most beautiful skin. Depending on the treatment you received during your visit, you may reference this page for post care on the following:

Post Microblading

  • Do not touch your brows with unclean hands because this can lead to loss of color, cause infection, and scarring.
  • Sleep with a clean pillowcase during the healing process.
  • No makeup should be applied directly on your brows during the healing process.
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Post CIT/Micro Needling Treatment

  • Unlike a peel, this procedure heals better and faster when hydrated, you can never over hydrate.
  • The Cucumber Spritz and Hyaluronic Acid are for adding moisture and comfort, that actually mimic your own skin’s natural production. Use them often.
  • Do not use any facial brushes, scrubs, wash cloths or anything abrasive for two weeks.
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Mid-Depth and Higher Post Peel Instructions

  • First and foremost, never pick!
  • Avoid the sun!
  • Avoid heat!
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As always, call, text or email with any question(s) or concern(s) you may have, they are all important.

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